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Ghost Host Events Ghost box F

Desarrollador AppyDroid

Please visit: Added X2 Sensitivity to application and Disturbance Scanner Radar.
This collaboration took place between VanBrakle Entertainment and Ghost Host Events Uk.We both created the basic concept and are now sharing it with the world.
This Ghost box, works off the Geo Sensors in your device. You have multiple ways of using this device and it has auto calibration to boot.
UPDATE: Disturbance Scanner Radar:This works with Super Sensitivity Mode.The radar will scan randomly looking for the most disturbance.This gives you an idea of where the spirit energy may be located.
Option 01: Sensor Alarm ( No Audio )1) Place on a Flat surface.2) Start the application. ( Do not move the device )3) Simple slide the shutter down, once the application has booted up.
Q: What am I looking for?A: You are looking for the straight green line to fluctuate.
Q: How can I use this to communicate?A: Simply ask yes or no questions. Make sure to let the spirit know, how many time to effect the sensor for Yes, no and maybe.
Option 02: White Noise ( No Sensor visual ) Constant contamination audio1) Start the application2) Hold the device and press play ( If moving. Move slowly! Try to keep you hand very still)3) Ask you questions. ( Audio is in reverse and will be audible, once a sensor is effected!)
Q: I hear speech, but it is in reverse.A: Exactly. The point here is to listen for forward Speech. The audio in this application is in Reverse. So, if you hear forward speech. That would be impossible or a spirit.
Q: Why does it cut in and out?A: The Reverse speech audio, only comes on when the sensor is effected. Thus, try not to make sudden movements or place the device on a flat surface.
Option 03: White Noise and Sensor Visual1) Do exactly as option 02. Only slide down the shutter button to reveal the Visual data.
Option 04: Perfection Communication and Recommended use. ( Moving while trying to retrieve sensitive data, is never a good idea. Thus, this is the recommended use for this and any of my devices.)
1) Place the device on a Flat and level surface.2) Start the application and wait for it to load completely.3) Slide down the Shutter button.4) Press Play Button ( You will hear white noise. The visual Data, will be a flat Horizontal line. If you see this. You have done everything correct so far. )5) Ask your spirit to communicate by touching your device or by speaking loud, slowly and clear.6) Wait at least 10 seconds, between questions.Q; What am I listening or looking for?A: You are waiting for the device to display a visual disturbance and/or Reversed audio.
Q: What does that mean?A: It means, something is effecting the GEO Sensor in your phone. Something being a Spirit or vibration of some sort.
Q: I can not understand the words.A: At first, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Reason being. Spirits are human beings, without a body. They have to learn how to use new things, just as you and I, do. It takes time for them to manipulate it properly. Once a spirit gets it down correctly. You will hear Clean and clear responses in forward speech. There is no other way for Forward Speech to come through a device playing forward speech in reverse.
Please, only download my apps if you understand a Ghost is a human being who past away and not a circus animal, there for your amusement. There is plenty of apps out there, that will speak all sorts of sweet nothings to you, every time you start it up. Mine do not! Be respectful to the dead. You can learn a ton of very interesting things from them. Still to this day, I am learning from them.
Thank you for downloading, and be safe. = )